Download Manager Software allows downloading of Font Packs and images to the LCDTERM.

Almost any Graphic Image can be scaled and downloaded into the LCDTERM NV memory, using the LCDTERM DOWNLOAD MANAGER.

There may be some issues with downloading the Installer program from our site. Please check out - DOWNLOAD ISSUES

Font Packs are binary compilations of several fonts (up to 20) that can be downloaded to the LCDTERM NVRAM memory (using the LCDTERM DONWLOAD MANAGER). They allow allow displaying of graphic icons and information in varying types and sizes of text.

LCDTERM ships with FontpackBASIC1 installed. It consists of the Fonts described in the List of Fonts document.

Users can download their own FONT using the DOWNLOAD FONT option.

An Application Programming Interface (API) is provided free, for both UART and SPI implementations.

The API has all the routines necessary to send commands to LCDTERM. All the user has to do is cut and paste into their Embedded code, and resolve UART and SPI physical hardware definitions in their Embedded System.

LCDTERM is designed to plug into 8-pin connector sockets or to be directly soldered onto the User's PCB.

Mechanical Models are provided free to customers who would like to integrate LCDTERM in their product.

The LCDTERM User's Manual provides information on how to connect the LCDTERM to the User's Embedded System, as well as other DOWNLOAD MANAGER usage information.