Product Specifications

Functional Description: LCD_TERM is a User Interface comprising of a color LCD, 3-button keyboard, with a simple SPI or UART interface allowing low pin connection onto any embedded platform needing a display. The LCD_TERM implements all the control firmware on board, as well as FONTS and userdefined bitmaps allows addition of 65K color displays to any embedded system. The device uses an ARM M0 processor to provide fast response to user commands.

The simple 4-pin SPI, or 2-pin UART interfaces, allow easy and code free integration onto any Embedded platform, eliminating the need to write software to control the display, Font ROM or other resources. SPI and UART APIs are provided by Best Circuits Inc. that makes the communication interface with LCD_TERM completely hassle free.

Displaying information on the LCD screen is accomplished by simple commands sent over the SPI or UART interface, which tell the LCD_TERM device to display characters of a certain Font, in a certain location of the screen, in a desired color, and with multiple other properties.

Simple printf() type commands will display and format any data onto the LCD_TERM, allowing the developer to concentrate on desired functionality rather than writing device drivers. User input, by use of the 3-button keyboard, lets developers implement a full UI without having to worry about reading buttons, de-bouncing, or programming resources on their host embedded system.